Happy Labor Day

CWA 1014 would like to wish all our union brothers and sisters a Happy and Healthy Labor Day.  As we leave the summer months behind and venture into fall, please remember that Labor Day is more than a paid day off - it is a reminder of why we fight.  This holiday is meant to honor all working men and women. This holiday honors our right to fight for fair and equitable working conditions. This holiday honors workers over corporate America.  

On Monday, September 2nd, take a moment to talk to your family and friends about what unions mean to America and working families.  On that day raise a glass to the power of unions and to what it means to join together to fight for the future of workers in America.  

A big thank you to all members of CWA 1014 and workers everywhere.

Stand up! Fight back!

In solidarity,

Amber Pallante, CWA 1014, President