CWA Rallies in Camden in Support of Local 1014 and 1084 Negotiating Teams

In a May 10 morning break-time rally with the theme "Camden Workers Rising", members of CWA Local 1014 and 1084 joined together in support of their negotiating teams. The Local 1084 contract with the Camden County Board of Social Services and the Local 1014 contracts with the City of Camden expired on 12/31/17. The rally, held outside City Hall and the Board of Social Services offices in downtown Camden, brought workers from the City and County together. Together they chanted "Who Are We?, Workers Rising". Local 1014 President Karl Walko and Local 1084 President Jon Worley addressed the union members below the mural on the County Administration Building showing working men and women in the pre-war factories of Camden. Walko told the crowd it was time to for City workers to recover from "a decade of hell" in which there were furloughs, layoffs, low wage increases, concessions in the contract and the imposition of the "Chapter 78" health benefit contributions. He noted that if a billion dollars could be given to corporations locating in Camden, there is enough money available to treat workers fairly. He said the workers at the rally serve the Camden community and must be included if Camden is to rise and that now was time to start catching up.

Photo Caption: Local 1014 and 1084 members rallying outside Camden County Administration Building

Photos from the Rally