Henry J. Dunn, III Scholarship Program

Local 1014 annually grants educational scholarships through the Henry J. Dunn Scholarship Program. The scholarships are a one-time award paid directly to the college or trade school attended by the recipient, after the student successfully earns 12 credits during his/her first and/or second semester or one year of trade school and submits an official college transcript or equivalent documentation to the CWA Local 1014 office. The number and amount of the scholarships are determined by the Scholarship Committee prior to the selections. However, for many years, the Fund has been able to award a $500 scholarship to every eligible applicant.


1. The student must be a child of a CWA Local 1014 member in good standing (current with full dues payments).

2. The student must have demonstrated a conscientious effort in his or her studies and be certified as being prepared for college/university or trade school course work by his or her high school guidance office.

3. The student must be a graduating high school senior and of good moral character.

Students meeting the qualifications described above and wishing to apply for a scholarship must complete a program application made available in December of each year. 

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship program, please contact the CWA Local 1014 office at (856) 541-4191.